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It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Time!

04 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Thinking of cosplaying a classic Nickelodeon character? One from a near timeless series and is full of personality? Well, Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner is your dude! This character is just so easy to full off and is a load of fun too. I mean…

“What could possibly go wrong?”

It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Costume Time!

Timmy Turner may look like your average ten year old boy from an ordinary TV Cartoon, but he is the main protagonist of "The Fairly OddParents" series, right alongside his titular fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. Portrayed as an average kid whom no one understands, Timmy is neglected by his parents and is often left behind with his sadistic babysitter, Vicky. After a year of misery, Timmy was finally gifted his two magical fairy godparents and fairy godbrother Poof too. So let’s get into how you can easily whip up your very own Timmy Turner costume without much hassle! 

It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Costume Time!

The most eye-catching part of Timmy’s getup is without a doubt his characteristic Neon Pink T-shirt. All you have to do is find a simple short-sleeved T-shirt that tightly, but comfortably, sticks to your torso. Remember, it must have a plain circular neckline and standard hems; nothing more, nothing less. The one thing you cannot compromise, no matter what, is the iconic Neon Pink color! As for the pants, you should be able to find a comfy Classic-fit Flat-front pair of pants in your closet. If not, forget the specifics and just put on a very standard pair of long, dark blue pants (not a denim). No belts or other accessories necessary. 

It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Costume Time!

As for the shoes, your best bet would be a pair of dark blue Sneakers that match the color of the pants as closely as possible. If you can’t get your hands on such a pair, grab an old pair of Sneakers (preferably white) and paint it with fabric paint! It doesn’t have to look flawless, it just needs to blend in with the pants. Also, try not to leave any gap between the lower hem of the pants and the shoes. If there is, you can always consider wearing socks of the same color.

It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Costume Time!

As for the apex of your cosplay, you can either get a Short Straight Brown Wig or style your own hair to match his iconic look. If you're doing the latter, go to your trusty salonist to get your hair temporarily dyed and styled accordingly. Timmy’s hair is simple and to the “point”, and yes, the pointier the better. As long as you get the right color and spikiness, there’s nothing to worry about. And remember, he has thick brown eyebrows that match his hair, so remind the make-up artist to touch-up on that or secure yourself some matching paste-on eyebrows. 

It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Costume Time!

Now for some essential add-ons! You cannot become Timmy without his simple Neon Pink Cap. This cap matches the color of his T-shirt perfectly and acts as a cherry on top. All you need is a Classic low-profile Cotton Cap or standard Baseball Cap that can sit neatly atop your head. Just get the color right and tighten it so that it won’t fall off. Now comes the backpack! Surely you can find a nice Neon Blue backpack lying around the house? If not, you can always try painting an old bag too. Timmy’s bag is pretty simple, with an openable flap at the top. You can carry all your stuff and Convention goodies in here too, so it's an absolute win-win!

It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Costume Time!

These final props are optional, but since Timmy’s getsup looks like very normal everyday clothes, we recommend you take at least one of these. If you already have one lying around, great! If not, hop onto your trusty Online Shopping website and order Cosmo and Wanda Plush Toys to complete your look. Just how important are the Fairy GodParents to Timmy? Case in point, your Cosplay needs them too. Carry these adorable Plushies around and no one can mistake who you are!

It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Costume Time!

Last but not least, some Blue contact lenses would not hurt your costume. Be very careful though, purchase yours from a very trusted and certified range of products because nobody should be risking anything concerning their eyes. On that note, a pair of fake front buck-teeth would be nice too, as they just enhance who Timmy actually is. With all this, brush up on your overall makeup to look like a lovable brat and you’re good to go!

It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Costume Time!

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