• How to Dress Like Kim Possible

    How to Dress Like Kim Possible

    The look and features of Kim Possible are very memorable. Besides having red hair and green eyes, she has pale skin. Her most iconic mission outfits are a black midriff-baring mock turtleneck, dark gloves, khaki/green cargo pants, a utility belt, and black shoes. Check out the list below if you want to make the Kim Possible cosplay costume! During the Disney Channel show Kim Possible,...
  • How to Dress Like Lord Farquaad

    How to Dress Like Lord Farquaad

    Thanks to Shrek’s massive success in April 2001, people around the world simply cannot forget this beloved the Ogre across his many animated movies. We were introduced to the fairy tale world of Shrek, where the unlikely duo of an Ogre and a talking Donkey embark on an enchanted journey to rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona from her tower, all in the name of...
  • It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Time!

    It's Timmy Turner Cosplay Time!

    Thinking of cosplaying a classic Nickelodeon character? One from a near timeless series and is full of personality? Well, Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner is your dude! This character is just so easy to full off and is a load of fun too. I mean… “What could possibly go wrong?” Timmy Turner may look like your average ten year old boy from an ordinary TV...
  • How to Dress Like Joe Dirt

    How to Dress Like Joe Dirt

    Looking to cosplay anytime soon? Thinking of a character who is simple to pull off, but will also have a big effect? Well, Joe Dirt has got you covered! The man, the janitor, the legend, Joe Dirt is a man who is on a search for his parents whom he lost at the Grand Canyon back when he was a mere belligerent, trailer park-raised...
  • How to Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

    How to Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

    The character Jessica Rabbit appears in the children's book Who Censored Roger Rabbit? It's a loose film adaptation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The cartoon character, voiced by Kathleen Turner, is portrayed as Roger Rabbit's human wife in various Roger Rabbit media. There is no doubt that Jessica is one of animation's most famous sex symbols. Among her most famous quotes is: "I'm not...
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