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How to Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

20 Jul 2022 0 Comments

The character Jessica Rabbit appears in the children's book Who Censored Roger Rabbit? It's a loose film adaptation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The cartoon character, voiced by Kathleen Turner, is portrayed as Roger Rabbit's human wife in various Roger Rabbit media. There is no doubt that Jessica is one of animation's most famous sex symbols. Among her most famous quotes is: "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."

About Jessica Rabbit

Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

The 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit features Jessica Rabbit as a critical character. She is married to Roger Rabbit, a fellow comic-strip star. Nevertheless, Maroon Cartoon Studios' head believes she has an affair with local businessman Marvin Acme. Seeing photos that confirm the affair between Acme and the sultry lounge singer, Jessica Rabbit, he urges Roger Rabbit to leave Jessica.

During the investigation into Marvin Acme's death, Jessica confirms that she was blackmailed into being in the photos. To clear her husband's name, she must work with PI Eddie Valiant and try to evade Judge Doom, a scientist who has developed a toxic substance that kills cartoons. If she and Roger are captured, Eddie Valiant must save them and Toontown from Judge Doom's treacherous plans. With this Jessica Rabbit cosplay costume guide, you can get the look of the star-studded animated singer.

Dress like the sexy cartoon singer Jessica Rabbit by wearing a Jessica Rabbit Dress, long purple gloves, red high heels, gold ball earrings, and a long red hair wig. Then grab your Toy Microphone and wear the characteristic Purple Eyeshadow and Red Lipstick.

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Costume

Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

Throughout the novel, Jessica is portrayed as an immoral, aspiring star and a former cartoon character that her estranged husband idolizes. The film reinvents her as a sultry but moral cartoonist at a Los Angeles dinner called The Ink and Paint Club. Her husband, a famous cartoon star accused of murder, is one of several suspects in the case.

Despite being uncredited, Kathleen Turner voices her. The song "Why aren't you doing it right?" was cast for Amy Irving to sing. The film's first scene features Jessica. Her husband Roger loves her very much and is a lively red-haired toon seducer. Her nicknames for him include "honey bunny" and "darling." After Roger tries to save her from Judge Doom and the Toon Patrol, she claims he is "better than Goofy" because he makes her laugh and is a better lover. She tells Eddie that she will pay any price for Roger and even helps with the investigation to prove his innocence.

How To Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

Long red dress

You should wear some sexy long dress to look like Jessica


Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

Red high heels

With the matching red high heels

 Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

Satin gloves Purple

But long purple gloves that cover your arms

Dress Like Jessica Rabbit

Long red wig

A long red hair wig will go with the costume

Don't forget to buy a cigarette holder to complete your Jessica Rabbit costume, as well as round earrings to complete your Jessica Rabbit costume.

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